Chicken in the house

A fresh wind blows through the poultry farm. We put sustainability above profit. And go for lower emissions, minimal energy consumption and more animal welfare. Our chickens are from a special, slow-growing variety. More time to be chicken!

Our poultry house has been developed together with Wageningen University and fully equipped for the comfort of the broilers. By using the body heat of the chickens as heating and natural ventilation, the barn is environmentally friendly. And that is what we consider most important: a healthier environment for both chicken and man

  • Windstreek means a leap forward compared to existing systems. By applying natural principles for ventilation and air filtration. By offering more space for the natural behavior of the chickens. By maximum openness to the public and pleasant working conditions for the poultry farmer. And all this in an economically competitive manner, especially with low occupations and slow-growing chickens.Integrally sustainable means that not only animal welfare is examined, but also the environment and health and the integration into the landscape. It is precisely the combination of these three aspects that makes Windstreek unique.